D2C Links in Spotify


In an industry where streaming, and digital downloads have become  the precedent, we can all appreciate the difficulty in ensuring that  physical releases and merchandise campaigns get maximum reach

Using D2C links in Spotify directly showcases your online store to an existing captive audience. By engaging with your pre-existing content within Spotify, users  have already started the process to a completed sale. These users are typically more engaged, interested in the artist and have an  increased likelihood to convert to sales.

Alongside social media, mailshots and other marketing methods D2C links on Spotify are a great way to fortify your campaigns  online presence – making sure your releases retain visibility  across a multitude of online channels.  Why not join the likes of The Coral, Underworld, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Travis and many more and set up D2C links on  Spotify now?

Just follow this link to view our tutorial on how link your Townsend Store to Spotify, or email Elle from the team for any further information.

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