Integrated Facebook Store

fbdocThere’s no doubt that when it comes to social media and engaging with core-fans, Facebook reigns supreme.

With videos, photos and apps acting as multiple avenues to drive people to your campaign’s Facebook is often the go to source for core fans to engage and interact with news and updates on

By using features, such as Facebook’s Call-To-Action button or Townsend Music’s fully integrated Facebook store, you are engaging with fans, who are already engaging with you.

Your Facebook fans are an existing and comprehensive source of earned social media – with the addition of video, pictorial and other creative content. Facebook is the most powerful (and free!) Inbound Marketing tool available.

Setting up your Facebook store takes less than two minutes, all you need to do it allow access to our app, upload a header and it’s all set.

A Facebook store acts as another subtle call-to-action, fortifies your campaigns online presence and gives your fans another trusted outlet to purchase merchandise.

Email Elle at: to set up your FBSTOREFacebook store today.